Top GRP Company in Dubai to Protect Your Water Tanks

Why You Need The Services of an Astute GRP Company in Dubai to Protect Your Water Tanks

Inexpensive, lightweight, robust and strong, GRP lining has proven to be highly effective in protecting underground concrete water tanks or chemical storage tanks, preventing leakage, whilst shielding the water from algae and fungal growth. As a successful GRP company in Dubai, Blue Seal has a comprehensive understanding of the product.

Suitable in the storage of portable water or water tanks of a fixed position, GRP lining features an effective base material, Chopped Strand Matting of 450 GSM Et 300 GSM, and the properties required to proficiently create a watertight environment with enhanced reliability and durability.

Indeed, so attractive are the properties of GRP lining to waterproof a water tank, traditional water tanks across the GCC region – and throughout the world – are being replaced by GRP tanks.

If you believe that your property would benefit from replacing the water tanks, you’ll first need to use the services of a leading GRP contractor in Dubai, a company like Blue Seal.
Need further evidence that Blue Seal has all the required acumen and experience to proficiently complete GRP lining of your water tanks? Keep reading below.

A Learned GRP Company Understands That:

GRP Has Unlimited Potential – and it’s this inherent flexibility that makes it adaptive to environments of all shapes and sizes. It can be moulded to almost any shape, size or design. This allows for almost unlimited design possibilities, allowing the lining to be engineered to waterproof even the most bespoke-shaped of environments.

A learned waterproofing company in Dubai who has significant experience with GRP lining – like Blue Seal – will be able to give you clear advice on whether GRP lining is the best option to waterproof your environment and complete the installation quickly and efficiently.

GRP Has a Range of Aesthetics and Finishes – you can choose a matt, semi-gloss or high gloss coloured topcoat or gelcoat. To ensure a top-quality finish, a GRP company will apply a gelcoat prior to the moulding of the GRP lining.

Moreover, in highly corrosive environments, a topcoat will perform much better than most paints. Various textures can also be achieved by adding different finishing materials, such as surface tissue to mould the product. This can help to create a seamless watertight sealer that mirrors the aesthetics of the home.

GRP Is Corrosion Resistant – this makes it the perfect component for both indoor and outdoor application. Moreover, GRP lining is weather resistant, a property that ensures that the waterproofing exemplifies supreme longevity.

These properties make GRP lining a much more favoured option to plastic, such as, where exposure to harsh environments causes some concern over the long-term sustainability.
Moreover, GRP lining can aid resistance to UV light, extreme temperatures, and salt air. Chemically inert, it’s also a far superior option to stainless steel.

GRP Is Adaptable – a quality that only serves to strengthen its claim as one of the best waterproofing solutions. It’s lightweight, robust and strong properties appeal to a wealth of different applications – including, notably, waterproofing tanks.

Once installed, it requires very little maintenance, and can even be considered an attractive architectural feature, when compared with alternatives – something that a leading GRP company in Dubai – like Blue Seal – is keen on exemplifying to clients, especially given our customer-centric, transparent ethos.

GRP Is Cost-Effective and Promotes Longevity – top GRP lining companies in Dubai – and across the UAE – will understand that GRP lining of water tanks is a cost-effective treatment, especially when you consider the competitive treatment prices and that, once applied correctly to structures, GRP lining will prove to be a waterproof sealer for in excess of 20 years.

Unlike some other waterproofing treatments that may last several years – or in the worst-case scenario – less, once GRP lining has been applied, protecting your water tank, you can rest assured that you won’t need to worry about it for decades. You won’t need to pay for maintenance like welding or rust prevention.

With much experience providing optimal and tailored waterproofing in Dubai – and across the UAE – Blue Seal has the acumen to provide you with a tailored waterproofing solution to meet even the most exacting of requirements. If you’d like to learn more about GRP lining or get an expert opinion on the type of waterproofing you need, contact Blue Seal today.