Does Thermal Insulation Work in Warmer Climates?

Most of us assume that thermal insulation primarily keeps our homes warm when temperatures drop to frigid temperatures. However, its properties encourage air movement between two spaces. This means that in the summer months, thermal insulation is just as adept at keeping your home cool and free from overheating as it can contain heat for homes in cooler climates.

How Insulation Works

To understand why insulation proves highly effective in warmer as well as cooler climates, we must first look at how insulation works. As a top insulation and water proofing company in Dubai, Blue Seal is ideally placed to help you understand how insulation works – and why installing it will benefit your home.

Bulk insulation – using materials like fiberglass – works by trapping minuscule air bubbles within the structure of the material. Air is an extremely proficient insulator when it is contained in an environment. So, by trapping cool microscope pockets of air in the roof, or insulation of your home, you are insulating your home against the sweltering temperatures outside – and cooling the interior environment.

The process prevents heat transfer, with the exact temperature outside being of little consequence as the hot and humid air will not be able to breach the barrier of your thermal insulation, keeping your house cool. Reducing air conditioning costs.

Diametrically different to bulk insulation, foil insulation uses a reflective surface to deflect heat away from the surface and return it to its point of origin. Often used in homes, foil insulation has proven to be an effective way to subdue the sweltering summer temperature, creating a cool and welcoming environment.

Often installed in the roof and loft spaces, foil insulation can reflect both interior and exterior heat away from humid interior environments. Many homes feature a combination of the two and Blue Seal, in addition to providing the foremost waterproofing services in the UAE can help you install bulk and foil for superior home insulation.

How to Maximise Insulation’s Effect in Warmer Climates

There are several ways that you can maximise your existing thermal insulation and keep you cool on a baking hot day. As a top waterproofing company in Dubai, Blue Seal can, not only help you with waterproofing tips but offer you insulation advice that could really help to protect you against the hot and humid outdoor climate.

As we’ve already mentioned, insulation will contribute to superior air circulation. But, there are other ways that you can improve the air circulation in your home. When the sun goes down, let the air in by opening all the windows. It’s important that you open the windows when the outside temperature is at its coolest. Once the morning has broken and the outside temperature starts to rise, close the windows. Provided that your home is well-insulated, it should take longer for your home to heat.

The strength of the sun on any given day will amplify the heat inside your home. If you’re enduring a hotter than normal day, you should close any blinds and drapes to shield your home from the sun’s rays. This will minimise the impact the heat has, cooling your home.

Using air fans is fine, but remember they won’t cool your home, just move the air around different spaces. Also, don’t forget that insulation will trap a higher ambient temperature, so if the air is hot, using fans won’t do much good. Try putting some cool water in a dish under the fan, making sure to avoid electrical wiring, of course. This may just help to cool the air before the fan distributes it around your home.

It’s paramount for good health that you don’t get overheated. Having a comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of thermal insulation will help you to manage your body heat safely and feel cool and comfortable as the temperature rises.

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